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Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is a hot film artists from Japan as a successful senior, Carera Asia has retired from the world of hot movies. Maria Ozawa is now the most hunted artist and very popular among all the hot artists in Asia.

Maria Ozawa's success in the world can not be separated from his dream to become a successful woman. Apart from the fact he admitted the difficulty to perform hot scene with a man who was not in the know.

Like the Japanese artist's other hot movies, Maria Ozawa in naungi by special production house or a hot film is often called AV. Miyabi last few years was in a film production house specializing heat.
Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi is very interesting., A very beautiful face and body so that the original Japanese mix seksi.Dengan mother with a father who came from France Maria Ozawa perfect female category.
Maria Ozawa was educated at the International School of English skills made it very good.

Most digemarinya Hoby was playing hockey, he used to play hockey disekolahnya. Maria Ozawa also loves to cook, and play games Playstasion.

Sex at age 13

Maria Ozawa is often called Miyabi.Lahir in Hokkaido, Japan on January 8, 1986. With a height of 1.62 meters and 48 kg of body weight makes a very attractive woman.
At the age of 13 years, Maria Ozawa had a first sexual experience. At that time he had sex with his girlfriend 4 years older than him. From the notes in your personal blog age of 19 years, Maria Ozawa has done a hot scene with 6 men, four of which were his girlfriend.
At that age, Maria Ozawa has mastered a hot 48 position he learned from adults who bought the magazine itself.

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