Playboy branded Jermain Defoe

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Processing expertise of Jermain Defoe ball no doubt. Tottenham Hotspur are willing to pull back from Portsmouth and sign him to pay more than Rp 1.5 billion per week. He is also often believed to Fabio Capello England national team uniform.

But their ability is not infectious to his personal life, especially in developing relationships with partners. Outside the field Defoe, 27 years old, is a flamboyant figure who liked to party. Not here or there in the UK, is identical to the glittering world of beautiful women. Much money anyway, it's easy for the former West Ham striker was holding a beautiful woman and handsome.

It also complained Imogen Thomas. He claimed to break with Defoe after five months together because often betrayed. Imogen statement is consistent with rumors that beradar, as claimed by the Daily Star.

"Imogen was initially thought he was finally able to realize that he (Defoe). But he continued to attend many parties and often appear preoccupied with some women is different, "beber friend Imogen tabloid quoted in the London-based.

Although often quarreled, according to his partner again, "Imogen sure he could pass the condition. However, he now gave up the lifestyle, "added the source of the Daily Star said. To the magazine OK!, Imogen could confide: "I would immediately leave if he plays philandering. He knew the risk. "

Expertise to break down the opponent's goal seemed to be poured in to pick Defoe's girlfriend. Before with Imogen who was Miss Wales in 2003, Defoe had dated Danielle Lloyd and Chantelle Houghton. two names that are famous model in the "His country of Queen Elizabeth".

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