Samba Force

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As part of the inaugural opening of the New Wembley Stadium, England national team play against the Brazilian national team in a friendly party that was held last June 1, 2007. When that goal Diego John Terry returned at the end game. As a result, the two teams drew 1-1.

As reported by The Independent, the two teams who have confirmed advanced to the World Cup finals (PD) in 2010, will again meet on 14 November. The second meeting of the team this time held at Khalifa International Stadium, Doha, Qatar, also the reciprocal of the Samba Team setujunya play at Wembley two years ago.

Interestingly, reportedly, the care of Carlos Dunga's squad will get paid a much higher than farm kids Fabio Capello. In such action, Brazil will receive a fee of four million pounds, or around Rp 60 billion. Meanwhile, The Three Lions have only one tenth or commission of 400 thousand pounds (about USD 6 billion).

According to a spokesman for the British Football Association (FA), Terry et al visit to Doha is not based on money factor alone. However, more focus to the search experience playing against world class teams that in fact caliber Brazil four times World champion. "It's not money we're looking for. Brazil is a team ranked. Commercial factor is the second affair, "he said.

If the English national team just got a 'reward' 6 billion, the difference is with the FA. Bearing the status of the television broadcast rights owners in the area of the United Kingdom, the FA would have pointed out the reception for three million pounds (about USD 45 billion).

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