Spicy Chicken Tikka Bites

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India is not only famous for its film and dance alone. Cuisine of India can also spoil the tongue. Call it chicken tikka, Indian roasted chicken that tastes soft, savory, and slightly spicy. When paired with biryani rice or chapati bread hmm ... can be delicious and filling dish!

Maybe you've heard briyani rice, samosas, tandoori or curry? Yes, Indian food is now not difficult to find and has globalized the world, including Indonesia. If this afternoon to enjoy something different taste Indian cuisine can be tried.

Chicken Tikka, consisting of the word chicken as in 'chicken' and 'tikka' which means pieces. So that could mean chicken tikka meal consisting of chicken pieces. To make this dish using special spices that Indian garam masala and other spices.

After it burned to the dry chicken and pulled out a delicious aroma of Smokey. Well, usually eaten chicken tikka with mint sauce accompanying the form. Hmm ... taste the meat chicken was tender and gentle pampering stomach. Alloys of different spices and a little spicy savory taste very fit on the tongue. For lunch, can be eaten chicken tikka biryani with rice or chapati bread.

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