Three days buried, New Avalanche Victims Found

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Hard work of volunteers and citizens for three days to dig a landslide menimbuh one house in the village of Batang Piaman, Sago Padang District, Padang Pariaman, West Sumatra, recently, to fruition. Bad amak bodies found buried in the soil and debris as deep as one meter house more.

70-year-old grandmother was buried by a landslide while in the house with her children and grandchildren. Victims of late out of the house so that he could not save himself.

Avalanche aftershocks occurred in the village last Wednesday evening due to heavy rains flushed Padang Pariaman last few days. According to residents, after the 30 September earthquake ago, the condition of the hills in the area so much that cracks easily when the rain came landslide.

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