Vice President asked his staff carefully secure information

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Vice President Boediono reminded all staff to be cautious about the use of money and security information. "Information is very important, its value could reach billions of rupiah, to fall on those who are to take advantage of money," said Vice President Boediono when giving directions to all employees in the Office of the Vice President Jakarta, Thursday (22/10). This is the first meeting of the vice president made during an office Boediono.

According to the vice president, vice president physically securing it easy, but securing the vice president of information in terms of decision making that difficult "If Vice President's decision to sell here and there, it dangers for the nation. This (information) that is used for rather than the interests of the people, very dangerous, "Kalla said.

Vice President also reminded about the management of money. "Money can be misleading, could memelesetkan people. Money is needed but it should really organized," said the Vice President.

According to Boediono, Office of the Vice President is a strategic place because many decisions have been and will be taken for the sake of the people. on strategic node state policy makers. If true (the decision) a big impact, if one is also a big impact, "said the Vice President.

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