Cairo - New Internet Domain In Arabic

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New Internet Domain In Arabic ..!!!! Cairo - internet domain soon not only provide the Latin language or writing course. Egypt will become the first country in the world that will provide non-Latin domain name is.

It is mentioned by the Prime Minister of Egypt, Tarek Kamel in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Egypt. Kamel said that the new domains they create will be marked ". Masr" and will be packed in Arabic script. ". masr" itself if translated means ". Egypt".

Some time ago the news was broadcasted Internet regulator Icann to allow web addresses written in non-Latin writing. This means that domain will be free to be written in Arabic script, China, Russia and others.

"This is a big moment for us. Now the internet will speak Arabic," said Kamel. Kamel further said that this new domain will "offer a door to innovation, investment and progress" in the Arab world.

Egypt itself, as reported by the BBC and preached ITGazine, Monday (16/11/2009), has internet users 15 million in the country, of a total population of 80 million inhabitants.

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