Japanese solar power car racing Australia Win

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A solar-powered car made in Japan Tokai University student on Wednesday (28/10) evening out as the winner of a race car as far as three thousand miles in the Australian outback. The race is intended to show that the car "green" environmentally friendly is also considered feasible.

As proclaimed Reuters, the students who named themselves after the Challenger Tokai is a smooth crossed the finish line in the north of Adelaide, Australia. In fact, whereas before they had a flat tire problems.

"The victory Tokai Challenger is the first Japanese team achieved since 1993, when the event was won by Honda Dream II," organizers said Global Green Challenge 2009 held in Australia every two years.

Tokai Challenger began the game by being in the fourth position of the 31 solar-powered cars from 16 other countries that set out from Darwin, Australia, since the Saturday before. But they finally made it to the front position on the last day, through the team from the University of Michigan, USA, and nuna V of the Netherlands. This race is held every two years since 1987.

Other similar activities followed by 17 cars from 10 automakers in the world. Championship titled "Eco Challenge" competition as a predicate to achieve environmentally friendly vehicle fuel is most efficient. The race is expected to end next Saturday.

The competitors participated, including Tesla electric sports cars, vehicles made by manufacturers Ford, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, BMW, Skoda, Suzuki, Holden, HSV and Honda scooter modifications alcohol fuel.

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