The Sadistic Torture | Age 10 Penalty Past

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1. Scold's bridle

Mounted on the head to punish the women who talk much.

2. Breaking wheel

The man who was sentenced in the tie at the wheel, keep the whip, the hammer, dragged, the drive around, until the person was unconscious

3. Iron Maiden

The way most severe torture, people enter into a similar instrument in sacrophagus which side was the spikes of iron. These thorns designed not let the vital organs, the door was closed, people would not die immediately, but will be slowly tortured to death. During torture, the man who was sentenced in intrograsi until he died.

4. Judas Chair

The two most serious, man or woman in the position and the tie on the pyramid-shaped chair. The tip of the pyramid is the input to the hole A ato V girls to the wide, there is also a direct input in punishment let the pain.

5. Pillory

The man who was sentenced in pairs of wooden planks in the head and legs, so that they can not move slightly and must remain in an upright position.

6. Rack

The man who was sentenced in the bind on a wooden rack. Wooden rack that has wheels at the ends of wooden shelves that can be rotated causing the stronger rope. The more plays, the body of the man who tied ketarik causing joints bones nearly broken, even got off.

7. Stocks

Similar same pillory just more "humane", only the head and hands are mounted on a wooden board, would still rather free a bit.

8. Spiked Chair

As the name suggests, the chair given stab-stab of iron, so that the law was told to sit down and let the belt can not anywhere, guaranteed straight out of the blood.

9. Heretics Fork

That the law tied his hands in front of the neck and hold on the tide of iron that held the fork-shaped head as the chest, so the head should be erect, if you head straight down a little, the iron stuck. Since Heretics fork is not positioned in the vital organs, so people will not die because of this, it's just going to pain.

10. The Saw

People in the punishment with the belt in reverse, so head down let's get together at the head of the blood. Then slowly sawed off from the part to the people satisfied. Because the blood get together in the head, people will not immediately die but will be slowly tortured.

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