Anji "Drive" Ever Admit Close to Sheila Marcia

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Drive band vocalist, Anji, admitted the actress had close to Sheila Marcia. However, this recognition is considered risky. Because of all the men suspected to be the biological father of the fetus which she conceived, Trio is the only man different beliefs. Previously, Sheila's mother, Maria Cecilia Joseph never give clues about the baby's father, the differences with his daughter's beliefs.

But do not fall for Trio with these rumors and did not want to talk too much. "Sheila wrote a lot of quiet and he did not want to say anything. Cave respect him and caves do not need to say anything, too," said Rini Idol lovers in Hot Shot impressions on SCTV, Saturday (25/10).

Anji concerned that so many men she associated with the pregnancy, but he himself did not feel made the scapegoat. "Ordinary Cave wrote this response, really," he explained. While Maria Cecilia said, the man who fathered the baby already knew about the pregnancy Sheila. "But not yet time to be exposed," says Maria.

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