Parliament: Minister for Hajj Jamaa'ah Seriously Monitor

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Vice Chairman of the House of Representatives Commission IX Irgan Chairul Mahfiz ask the Minister of Health Sedyaningsih Endang Rahayu, to monitor the readiness of health services both during the pilgrimage in the embarkation or in Saudi Arabia. This was conveyed Irgan in Jakarta, recently.

Readiness to be done, according to Irgan, including the availability of drugs, anticipating the spread of H1N1 and H5N1 virus, the cause of swine flu and bird flu. "This includes cooperation with hospitals in Saudi Arabia," added Irgan.

In addition, Menkes Irgan also reminded about iklam change and infectious disease prevention. Infectious diseases like bird flu and swine flu, he said, always haunt the pilgrims while in Saudi Arabia. "Understandably in the Holy Land from the Muslims all over the world gathered, so that vulnerable antarjemaah transmission," added the politician's United Development Party.

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