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Education Minister Mohammad Nuh ready to give sanction to the manufacturer about Indonesian lessons for elementary school classes in Sidoarjo VI that "tersusupi" obscene sentence. Sanctions ranging from warning to demotion.

"We will clarify to the manufacturer about it. It is the responsibility of the district education office. Later after the case is clear, whether this is by design or intent, will be sanctioned," said the minister.

This was conveyed him on the sidelines of the National Summit, Hotel Ritz Carlton, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Friday (30/10/2009).

According to him, that subject to sanctions is the maker about. "We thoroughly first case, sanctions can range from a warning to demotion," he said.

Indonesian exam that makes tantrum Sidoarjo education is a text story entitled "The Entrepreneur in Krangkeng Bareng Bandel Mak Erot." In terms of material selection using the title "Mak Erot", certainly seemed odd. Moreover, the structure of the EYD, writing "in Krangkeng" clearly wrong.

Not to mention the last paragraph that the article bearing the words that smelled obscene, mixed Java language. "Employers diucluk-ucluk naughty, teronge embalmed biasane karo ... I Love U-Full." Some schools cover with stipo obscene sentence, but some are not able to.

Education Department officials had checked Edi Sidoarjo, exemplary teachers who make about it. Stated, negligence is not intentional, because Eddie's deadline to make about the mepet and busy marrying her son. Edi stress of this case and had fainted when questioned by his superiors.

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