Students Surabaya Campaign Blames Israel to Masjid Aqsa

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Dozens of students joined in the Forum Silaturrahmi Da'wah Institute Campus
(FSLDK) held demonstrations in front of the building Grahadi State Governor Suryo Street.

In action, they condemned the atrocities committed against Zionist Israel and the Palestinians have asked the government to send peacekeeping forces in Palestine.

"The arrogance of the Israeli Zionist forces continued to hold. Hundreds of Israeli Zionist forces surrounded and stormed back to the Aqsa Mosque, the Islamic holy places with rubber bullets and tear gas. This is an affront to human values," shouted Agus Setyawan who do oration, Friday ( 30/10/2009).

In addition to speeches, students from Airlangga University and ITS images spread atrocities Zionist Israeli soldiers and a poster that read "Israeli war criminals, Bring you step brother in Palestine, Where lies the humanity? Return the Palestinians on their land, Palestine Grief grief we all '.

In addition, they also held a theatrical cruelty of Israeli soldiers and police against Palestinians who will enter the Aqsa Mosque. And providing brochures to motorists who crossed the Governor Suryo Street.

"Leaders of the world, including Indonesia, seeking world peace and to send
peacekeeping forces, especially for the Middle East and Palestine pembebesan fight, "he explained.

Action is getting from the police pejagaan South Surabaya. Action went peacefully and not disrupt the flow of traffic around Governor Suryo Street.

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