PD-PDIP be difficult Coalition

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Discourse coalition Democratic Party (PD)-PDIP the Mayor Elections (Pilwali) Surabaya would seem difficult to materialize. PD as the winner pertai PDIP lets walk alone persisted when the mayor brought his own candidate.

"Cook the winner of the election only pertai vice chair, yes please just PDIP own way," said Junianto 'Masteng' Wahyudi, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party of East Java when contacted detiksurabaya.com, Friday (30/10/2009).

Masteng which are well known across the world's poor policy states that if the PDIP chose opposite party will not be a problem.

"As a party we would like to promote ethical and political education is right. We are also open to other parties kok. What is clear we want to build in with my Surabaya-together," he stated.

Discourse PDIP coalition with the PD is indeed time to roll. But PD hoping seats filled by representatives of the coalition representatives. "Candidates for mayor of our course. It's true ethics," he said.

PDIP itself has set a recommended 3 names to the DPP to decide. They are chairman and secretary PDIP Surabaya, Saleh Ismail Mukadar and Wisnu Sakti Buana and Bambang DH is still awaiting the results of the Court on the pros cons Kostitusi two-period position.

While the PD has not decided the name for the team in charge of prosecuting 9 candidates had not yet been decided.

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