Action In The U.S. Bombardment Killed 11 People

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Action in the U.S. bombardment killed 11 people, again occurred in the United States (U.S.). As many as 11 people were killed in action firing at Fort Hood military base in Texas, USA.

Perpetrators of the shooting was a military psychiatrist, Major Malik Hasan Nidal. He was practicing at Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood.

The incident also injured 31 other people. This was conveyed by officials of the U.S. Army as quoted by AFP news agency on Friday (6/11/2009).

Hasan police shot over the action, now hospitalized and in stable condition. Hassan had earlier reported the police shot and killed.

This incident is the worst mass shooting in the history of U.S. military bases.

Spokesperson for the U.S. Army at the Pentagon said, the shooting took place on Thursday, November 5 at around 13:30 local time. Hasan fired indiscriminately with two pistols. He began the action at the medical center where troops conduct a medical examination prior to be sent to overseas missions to Iraq and Afghanistan. At that time the place was crowded crowded army.

Shooting motive unclear. However, Hasan seems annoyed with her placement plans abroad. The generals at Fort Hood revealed, Hasan will be sent to other countries, but it is unclear whether he will be stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. Also not clear when he would depart

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