Lady Gaga | Most Unique Musicians In The World

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Lady Gaga, most unique musicians in the World

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
better known by his stage name Lady Gaga,was born March 28 1986.adalah an American musician. He wrote songs for Interscope Records, but that he himself also song.first she sang in clubs in New York City.
The first song from the album titled "The Fame" (2008), titled "Just Dance" won the first ranking on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, after a very slow climb the charts until it reached the peak diposisi after 27 weeks or 6 months and a half .

In the promo song, the eccentric star is sitting in a wheelchair, declaring that he had killed his girlfriend. To reinforce the impression that he was wearing a costume covered in blood.

Lady Gaga also emerged even as she hung herself in a track which appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards this year. With one hand, he relies on a rope.

Eccentric actions Bre was quite surprising the music fans. He, sometimes appearing with strange masks. Stage costumes were almost always makes the audience amazed. Nothing too strange if he was named the most bizarre musician.

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