Areas in Spain Teach How to Masturbate

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Areas in Spain Teach How to Masturbate - A region in Spain has launched a sex education program in which includes advice on "self-pleasure" aka masturbation. In a campaign valued at € 14,000 (£ 12,500) in the form of leaflets and brochures filled with self-esteem and contraception as well as workshops displays instructions about masturbation techniques. The socialist government of the Extremadura region said that if the activity carried out in hopes to help teens find the ability to "own sexual exploration and the ability to find pleasure themselves".

Youth council President Laura Garrido said, "This campaign is simple, clear, natural and easily understood by teenagers aged between 14 and 17 years."
However, Hernández Carron of the opposition People's actually saying the opposite. According to him, "This is an intimate subject and should be handled in the home. What we're doing has become the laughingstock of Spain."

A columnist for the daily La Vanguardia, Pilar Rahola also added, "Extremadura is a region which seems pleased with himself. It may be that this region has the highest youth unemployment in Spain, but they are the best of masturbation."

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