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Latest Victoria Beckham breasts. Hot Pics American Artist
VICTORIA Beckham began to appear to the public with a new look. Now, he appears dengantampilan latest breast surgery reduces the size of the breasts.

Last month, the wife of gridiron star David Beckham had surgery for the third time. This time, he reduced the size of DD breasts become smaller 34B. This operation is lived after he felt hot with the view that more seronok Wag.

Since the operation, the former Spice Girls personnel appear relaxed. He underwent the process of recovery from the operation on the Riviera, France, along with Beckham and his three sons.

Last week revealed how he wanted a new look to her as a mother looks better than the best women soccer stars. He wanted to show the role more as a mother of Brooklyn (10), Romeo (6), and Cruz (4).

"Victoria wants to surgery (breasts) for a while. He felt it was part of his old image as a Wag. The Megar hair, large breasts, and false bottoms. That's what he dispose of these days, "said a sumber.Setelah surgery, Victoria had come to England to take care of business. Then, he flew to France to restore the conditions perfectly.

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