Bali Police Interpol fugitives dipper Peter Ulrich from Germany

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Peter Ulrich, a German man arrested in the Big City Police Denpasar with Port Security Police Unit (KP3) Airport I Gusti Ngurah Rai, arriving at the airport, recently. Peter entered in the search list of people from the German Interpol for allegedly killing his wife in their home countries.

The suspect was immediately herded into the KP3 Office Ngurah Rai Airport, Denpasar. The arrests were made after the orders of the Head of Bali Provincial Police who get information from Interpol. Peter arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport with Garuda plane from Germany who had transit in Jakarta and expected to flee to Bali.

When checked, the suspect who was 71 years old has denied murdering his wife. Even he admitted that he knew how his wife died from her phone. For further investigation, police still detain suspects until officers Consulate General and the German Ambassador in Jakarta come to fetch and bring suspects to their home country.

So far, not known precisely who carried out the murder scene by the suspect. However, based on examination results while, Peter was often even tingggal in Bali for two years.

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