Cameroon Women New virus HIV

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New virus causes loss syndrome or immune systems of AIDS have been found in a woman Cameroon, Africa. The virus is different from the three different types of HIV virus (Human Immuodeficiency Virus) before and looks similar to the simian virus that was discovered in wild gorillas. Thus the statements of the experts in the Journal of Nature Medicine, Monday (3 / 8).

"The discovery of new types of HIV virus into the spotlight, especially in the western part of Central Africa," said research team led by Jean-Christophe Plantier from the University of Rouen, France. Previously, three types of HIV virus is found in chimpanzees.

"The most likely explanation of this new discovery is the transmission of the gorillas to humans," said a team from Plantier. But they also added if not close the possibility that the virus begins to move the chimps and gorillas to human or bertransmisi directly from gorillas and chimpanzees to humans.

Patients who are 62-year-old woman was HIV positive in 2004. The virus was obtained immediately after moving from Cameroon to Paris. According to the research team, the patient lives near Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon. The patient pleaded not interact with the monkeys and do not eat meat.

"She's condition was not stable and now it does not show signs of AIDS, although he is still HIV positive," said the researchers. "The spread of this virus is still under investigation," they added. This research was also supported by the Institute of Health Observer in France (French Health Watch Institute) who studied AIDS and viral hepatitis, and the Rouen University Hospital.

Other reports, which are also included in the journal Nature Medicine says if people with genital herpes are also at high risk of HIV infection with herpes even though it has healed and the scar disappeared. The researchers, led by Lawrence Corey and Jia Zhu from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center found that the herpes wounds are gradually disappearing, but the activity cells are still able to promote HIV infection.

Herpes is a high risk of rupture is encouraging HIV infection. Last year study also found if the treatment with the herpes drugs will not reduce the risk. The researchers have tested the skin of patients with herpes a few weeks after the scar disappeared. They found if the virus is still able to attack 37 times as much in the skin that has been wound and cured it. HIV works by attacking immune cells.

From the laboratory tests was found when the virus produces five times faster in the network has ever recovered from the network compared with herpes never have herpes. "In the absence of drug treatment are able to overcome this virus, it is better to prevent it," said Doctor Antony S. Fauci is director of the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease

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