France Started "Electric Car Wars"

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France more serious develop environmentally friendly cars. Rooster country that launched the program "the war the electric car" in Paris, France, Thursday (1 / 10) local time. Investment plans are also 1.5 billion euros to build the infrastructure digelontorkan two factories manufacturing electric cars and hybrids are expected to have on the road in 2020. "(The goal) to make France a world leader in the auto industry and energy," said French Ecology Minister Jean-Louis Borloo while presenting strategies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through environmentally friendly cars.

As reported by AFP, this project includes everything from industrial research, battery manufacture, production of clean cars, and build a battery charger station network across France. Plan for electric car was built only a few weeks after Borloo said France will invest more than seven billion euros (U.S. $ 10 billion) to develop rail transport use and reduce road traffic. The scheme is part of the "green plan" French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Currently only a few thousand of the 30 million cars on the streets of France which is a hybrid or electric cars. As a result, to increase to two million units will require a big investment. From 1.5 billion euros of investment, 900 million euros came from state loans to be awarded next year. Borloo stressed the importance of all actors in this sector are committed to the program "the war the electric car". "Not a single player who can take their own risks, but if all the actors took it at the same time, it will succeed," said Barloo.

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