Ion Peugeot enliven Electric Car Market

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What do you think makes Peugeot ion seemed familiar? If you associate with Mitsubishi, it seems you are not wrong. Because, when I saw this car your memory will descend on the i-MiEV Mitsubishi output. No one, because these two cars look similar.

Yahoo! Cars recently launch, Peugeot pulled out of this car as an answer to the French car company is the market challenges of the automotive technology environmentally friendly. Peugeot calls its product has a local communications technology. With the technology, enabling i0n contact the authorities when the accident occurred. In addition, this car can also send data in the form of battery status, distance indicators, and warning when to have regular maintenance.

Like other Green Cars, i0n equipped with lithium-ion battery as there is no guarantee of carbon dioxide gas that appears in vehicle exhaust. Ability ion batteries do not need to be questioned, if the full circumstances of this car have traveled a distance of about 135 kilometers.

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