Hot Pictures And Videos Of Hot Women Tonight At Zhengzhou

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Loud and angry reactions occur on the internet as a widely circulated photo showed plainclothes police pulled her hair during the raid.

The photo was one of a series of photographs taken by the local media of China, while covering the police raids on the nests of women and gambling the night in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, said the official China Daily, which published the controversial photo.

"The police grabbed the man's hair in the law enforcement process, and forced to take pictures of heat with violent intentions," said one user on the popular web portal Chinaren.

"This criminal act is far more serious than a hot scene!"

A video clip of an ambush that was also circulated online. "How much do you 'do' tonight?," Police told the woman who knelt on the floor.

The incident grabbed the only visible in the photo, but not in the video.

A police spokesman who declined Zhengzhou be named, said the investigation continues, but he declined to give further details.

China has a population of the world's biggest Onlie with at least 338 million users. And the Internet is one of the fugitives to vent their frustrations to the tight control of media by the government.

Polls that are displayed on the website news agency affiliated with the highest investegasi China revealed that 57 percent opposed the publication of a recent photo with the reason "a woman the night also had rights."

Around 35 percent also opposed the methods used by police, but blamed the media for publicity done. Survey respondents, followed by 870 on Wednesday.

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