Worst case in the history

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Worst case in the history.Really strange this world there are only committed by people who manusia.ada smart but there are also people who look smart but still often do stupid
  • Detroit.R.C. Gaitlan, 21, approached the officer who was 2 demonstrate Squad Car computer felon-location equipment to children in the neighborhood detroit. When he asked how the workings of the machine, the officer asked for his ID, Gaitlan then gave his driver's license, the officer will then enter the ID number Gaitlan then immediately arrested and the paralyzing moment, why? because the officer was on the computer it appears as DPO Gaitlan name (wanted) armed robbery suspects 2 years ago.
  • A robber in Topeka, Kansas Kwik Shop visit, and asked all the receipts in the register, the contents were too small for him, feeling less, he also tied the shopkeepers and disguised as a cashier for about 3 hours for the purpose who knows the number of rampokannya may grow, it actually happened to stop by the police reply and then find cover immediately caught on the spot.
  • A son, 19-year-old man from Sheffield Lake, Ohio, stole her credit card to pay his girlfriend a boob job ... unfortunately, his girlfriend decided directly after the operation and had children laki2 now undergoing 18 months of the prisoner.
  • Guthrie, Oklahoma, last October, Jason Heck intended to kill a millipede with a 22 caliber rifle her, miss, the bullet of stone and mentally so that the head of his friend, Antonio Martínez who then had his skull fractured in.
  • Two men from Michigan robbers entered a record store in Detroit, with a nervous one robber shouting "Nobody move!" While pointing senjatanya.Namun was nervous for some reason or unintentionally, when her partner moved toward the cashier, immediately just shot! and the partner died.
  • Remo Jalosjos, a congressman in the Philippines was sentenced to 173 years in prison on charges of repeatedly raping a 11-year-old child. What kind of life in prison? He had several own room, complete with TV, kitchen, private kamarmandi complete with water heater etc.. He was not just selling food to rekan2 a prison in his stall is also a tennis court rented new-built it. When criticized about how he got special treatment, he insisted that it was wrong that the government could not provide the same treatment to other inmates.
  • St. Clair County, Illinois, has spent $ 330 million dollars to build an airport wrote it for a year did not stop off at any one aircraft-carrier or a private well, operates 12 hours a day with 27 workers + a full team and maintenances fire, funny renovation costs for $ 2.5 million still in approve though until now there has been no single airline is willing to use the airport.
  • Paul Stiller, 47, and his wife were both hospitalized in Andover Township, New Jersey, last September, they suffered a severe wound as a result of the dynamite of the 1 / 4 stick exploded in his car wrote. When on the road, the couple's whaling iseng2 burning boredom dynamite and threw out the window of his car to remove saturated. Unfortunately they FORGET OPENING window.
  • Restaurant in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 3 people died after playing "footsies" under the dining table with an anti-tank mines failed to explode yg yg they find. All the visitors ran out when the restaurant knows what they do reply.
  • Modesto, CA, Steven Richard King was arrested for trying to rob a Bank of America branch without a weapon, he uses his fingers behind his clothes recondite to deceive a bank employee, until the plan failed after he accidentally took his hands from his jacket.

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