Most Expensive Cities In America | City of New York

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Most Expensive Cities In America,City of New York - United States is a superpower which is sought after many citizens from other countries to attend and live there, either for work or study. But you know, the city which is the most expensive cities in the United States, or the language gaulnya, Amrik?

Based on the results of the highest living costs of research conducted by the consulting firm of human resources, London Mercer, the most expensive city in America is New York. And apparently in a recession is the population of New York has been reviewing the expenditure, such as budget dinner and shopping luxury goods.

Attitude is followed by the closure of several popular restaurants such as Café des Artistes and chanterelle last October due to slowing demand. Noted for rent house containing two bedrooms with no fancy-fancy furniture average of U.S. $ 4300 per month. This figure was only 200 U.S. dollars from rental fees in the year 2008.

Expensive New York City, the second position is occupied city of Los Angeles in the next sequence is White Plains, San Francisco, Honolulu, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Houston, and Washington DC

Why is the city of New York could become the most expensive cities in the U.S.? This is because the city was occupied by the business-oriented benefits. As a result, all the opportunities in this town used as a source of income.

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