Prostitution School Hanky Popular Pangky.Foto Best Actress in the world

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Prostitution School Hanky Popular Pangky.Foto Best Actress in the world.
A former female brokers in the Netherlands founded a school for prostitution. His name is pretty cool, Hanky Panky School. Highly structured curriculum so that its graduates could perform his profession more professional, more money and eventually retired early with material provisions.Elene Vist, 43, who previously excited because her autobiography Escort Queen with Turbo power, opened his school in Amsterdam some time ago that offers exclusive marketing knowledge. "You can call marketing technique. You must have the skills to sell, no matter who you are selling your own body or household. The principle remained the same, "said legalizing Elene. make hot industry-district red-light district in the capital became the main destination of tourists at home and abroad as well as generate millions of euros per year. This sector is also contributing substantial taxes to the state. Elene says that the women who worked through the night his agency could earn up to 6000 euros per month, or about Rp58 million, with only 40 hours of work. That is why he then founded the school. "We provide training to get a better life and make more money from their jobs," he said.

With the cost of 450 euros per person the 'students' will be given in the form of tutorials and video presentation on positive thinking and techniques to make love, including the teachings of the Kama Sutra. In addition to himself, Elene also hired other teachers for different subjects, such as how to dress . "The point everyone can be beautiful, to highlight strengths and cover your weaknesses. You should be aware of what you appearance in the eyes of others,Elene, positive thinking and self-esteem is very important to make clients more comfortable and spend more time. "Sex 10 minutes will not make a lot of money," he said. Prostitution has been legal profession in the Netherlands since 1988. They began paying income tax since 1996 and houses of prostitution began declared legal since 2001.

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