Most places Romantic Honeymoon World

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Most places Romantic Honeymoon World
Enjoy the honeymoon is an exciting journey for the couple. But you get used to design the honeymoon trip carefully. But where to go?. For newly married couples, the honeymoon trip practically exciting as the wedding party. As with choosing a honeymoon destination, is an important part that should not be ignored.

1. The Seychelles.

This region is the favorite and ranked first for many honeymoon couples. Located in the Indian Ocean, this place called the beach with white sand, clear sea, and some unique fresh food.

2. Marrakech, Maroko.

Marrakech is the purpose of the perfect honeymoon. Honeymooners can relax and unwind, while enjoying the cultural attractions and wonderful views of the city is very beautiful. Also Honeymooners can taste local dishes can be delicious and romantic camel ride around the city.

3. Jamaica.

This is the third favorite honeymoon Honeymooners selected. Located in the Caribbean Sea, this region has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world who really pure

4. Las Vegas.

This city once dubbed the city of sinners, but that image vanished with the increasing number, newlywed couples who make this city as a honeymoon destination. For the adventurous and dugem, this city is very suitable to go.

5. Bulgaria.

Perhaps the biggest surprise if the Bulgarian city on the list. Located in southeastern Europe, the city was known to have diverse history and culture. Beach beauty was reportedly offered for Honeymooners.

6. New York.

City known as The Big Apple is also a city of great shopping in the world. Not to mention a few interesting sights. Not surprisingly, this place is a decent place you visit with a partner before he died.

7. Jepang.

As a superpower, and the exporting country to four in the world, not surprising that the tourism industry underwent remarkable increase. Japan is known to be unique in the culinary as healthy. Special resort, Japan has a number of historic sites that are favorite places to vacation with family.

8. Mesir.

Egypt is a country that has everything. Ranging from access to the Red Sea, underwater tourist sites of interest, scuba tours to locations of interest. Coast in Egypt is also known to be very exotic and is one of the seven wonders of the world.

9. Thailand.

Thailand better known for beach tourism and cultural diversity of interest. Starting from the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, or shopping in Bangkok is also a paradise for shopacholic (fan shopping). Thailand is also known as sex tourism can be a nerve test event for the new couple.

10. The Maldives.

Maldives is a small country in Asia. This area is known as a developing country with economic growth rising from year to year. In this area, the Honeymooners can travel nature tourism, which is characteristic of this country.

Although there are several cities such as Venice and Paris, which has been described as romantic cities in the world, but the city was not included in the ranking of choice Honeymooners 10.

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