Tokyo Motor Show 2009 soon clerics

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A few weeks back the Tokyo Motor Show 2009 will be held. Automobile exhibition to be held on October 23 to November 4 will be much simpler than before. Because, visitors can only see a few cars. Such as reported by site.

Among the automotive companies participating in this event is a Caterham, Lotus and Alpina representing foreign brands. Hard to believe, considering the Tokyo Motor Show is one of the most prestigious automotive exhibition, another German brand, Ferrari of Italy and the United States car production did not take part.

From the Japanese home team, there will be a row of cars environmentally friendly. In addition there will also be unveiling the long-awaited of the V10-powered Lexus LF-A exotic extraordinary.

At booth Toyota FT-86 concept known as Toyobaru will also be exhibited in public for the first time. This car is a coupe sports a collaboration between Toyota and the automotive company Subaru. Assess the initial reaction via the internet, Toyota seems to have got a lot of positive response for compact cars this lively nan.

Nissan will be led by Land Glider electric cars. Small car, tilting and tandem two-seat design is expected to be well-liked Japanese public.

Honda also will look classy with the CR-Z coupe hybrid 1.5-liter version of the nearly perfect 95 percent. There was also Skydeck, intelligent hybrid wagon three rows of seats that could someday be a worthy rival Ford S-Max.

Revive Mazda Kiyora and introduced a new high-tech car with SKY gasoline and diesel engines. But unfortunately, this year there was no concept of a special swivel machine.

Like the others, Mitsubishi join frugality ria by relying champion, PX-MiEV. Car class explorer is based Outlander and has a system of plug-in hybrids themselves.

In the old days, Suzuki reliable as possible will attend a car show with the wildest Suzuki Mobile Terrace. But this year, showing Suzuki cars only make sense only with the concept of plug-in hybrid Suzuki Swift.

This year Subaru hybrid concept car boasts top-class gullwing doors, Subaru Hybrid Concept Tourer. The car that gives the impression imaginative as this is considered a hybrid system is clever twin motors. Subaru sure this car is the work itself and had nothing to do with Toyota.

Held immediately after the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009 and dominated the Asian cars, Tokyo Motor Show this year looks almost like a local exhibition. predict this event will be much of an impression hilarious and entertaining than its predecessor.

But, given the global economic situation and the possible cancellation of nearly realized earlier this year, automotive lovers should be grateful this event is even held. Moreover, can see and touch the Toyobaru big bekesempatan reached predicate as favorite car at the Toyota Motor Show this year.

So if you stop in Tokyo, there's nothing wrong took time to watch these prestigious automotive exhibition.

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