Di Temukan Candi Di Bawah Laut

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Telah di temukan fenomena alam candi di bawah laut jawa bali - Twitter users are welcome the creation of views of the temple was discussed in the sea picture is really impressive. The temple and the door stood proudly in the water. Mentioned, the temple has been in the waters between Java and Bali Bali Strait aliases.

Foto candi bawah laut bali - information is from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (Kemenbudpar) under which they received shortly to examine the accuracy of the information. "If we need the telematics specialist, said the director of the Underwater Archaeology Kemenbudpar Surya AFP Helmi, Wednesday (04/08).

Helmi Surya know already admitted that the image is one or two months. Surya to see in the picture clarity of the water is very rare. For it must be shown first. is "In addition, the water flow is strong enough," he said.

There are several versions of the photos that show the existence of these sites. The first pictures show a pile of stone temples, where appropriate. Although it seems foam here and there, but the original appearance of the temple are still to be seen very clearly. Other photos show a wide berth. The construction is reminiscent of the bow of the arch is normally in Bali.

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