Tsunami Matahari | Video Foto Tsunami Matahari

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Tsunami Matahari - Video Foto Tsunami Matahari - Stereo-Satellite (Center for Solar-Terrestrial) confirm the picture that was captured by the camera in February, when sunspot 012 appeared suddenly in November.

The explosion of thousands of millions of tons of the release of the gas cloud (coronal mass ejection / GCE) in space and causes tsunami waves along the surface heat of the sun.

Waves stereo recording of two positions with a distance of 90 degrees and provides researchers who have never seen before.

"It certainly was a wave," said Spiros Patsourakos George Mason University, Virginia, who is also one of the authors in the journal Astrophysical Journal. "There is a wave of water, but a huge wave, which is composed of plasma and magnetic field heat" , he added.

Technical name because it is the wave of the reduced magnetohydrodynamic waves or MHD waves. One of the towering waves in stereo at an altitude of 100,000 km with a speed of 250 km / sec, and run the appropriate energy seen 2.4 billion tonnes explosives.

Tsunami Sun found in 1997 by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, (SOHO). In the same month last year, the CME in the surface active solar SOHO recorded explodes everything.

"We believe that if there is a light wave, or only to the extent of the CME?, Said Joe Gurman of the Solar Physics Laboratory.

After the stereo glasses, the position of SOHO was not answered questions about the waves they are produced.

"We have seen wave reflection coronal holes Adar (magnetic holes in the solar atmosphere)," said Angelos Vourla the center of the Earth Observing and Space Research at George Mason University Anglas, Fairfax.

She added: "It is a fine film illustrates osiliasi Sun after the wave hit. We call for a wave of dance."

Tsunami Sun is not direct threats to the floor. But it is certainly a very important study, scientists say.

"We can diagnose the condition of the sun," says Gurman. "To see how the waves and the spread rebound, we may collect information about the solar atmosphere of the deepest, and there is no other way."

"Gelobang Tunami (sun), our ability to predict space weather to improve," he added Vourla.

"With the right objective, the spot where the explosion occurred marks. The determination of the explosion can help us to anticipate the date of the CME or the radiation that reaches the Earth said,"

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