Dangers Of Contact Lenses For Eye Health

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Dangers of contact lenses for eye health - To save face, young people, the fashion look with alternating colored lenses. The goal, which was originally used as an alternative to vision problems are now easy to use and sell freely.

However, recent studies concluded that the contact lenses that can be freely bought and sold a bad effect for the user. especially if purchased without a prescription.

As in genius beauty and contact lenses on the market listed company does not consider any special qualifications to potential users. Often contact lenses, which are apparently not adapted to the level of care can lead to reduced oxygen to care.

"If the attention of the oxygen is removed, damage to blood vessels leading to care and be able to lead to the deterioration of vision, " said the professor, Department of Clinical Ophthalmology at the University of Indiana University of medications, Melanie Pickett .

Worse, in line with him, when the attention of an infection, contact lens wearers to loss of vision in the next 24 hours. Pickett urged them not to contact lens wear before the first visit to the doctor.

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