Toyota's New Hybrid cars Recommend

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Toyota Motor Corp.., Introduces new luxury hybrid sedan named "Sai", Tuesday (20/10). This is the second output of hybrid cars after Toyota Prius. Toyota's goal is to maintain a position as a major milestone in the production of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Sai which will be sold only in Japan since December 7, the next is a compact sedan 2.4-liter engine and fuel-efficient per liter can cover the distance as far as 23 kilometers. A little more extravagant than the third generation Prius can travel 38 kilometers to a liter.

"If you do not carry a hybrid engine, the sedan this size would require fuel twice as much," said Shigeru Nakagawa, Toyota's project manager as reported by AFP. Sai will be labeled starting price of 3.38 million yen, or about 37,225 U.S. dollars. More expensive than the Prius sold 2.05 million yen.

Toyota targets sales of 3,000 vehicles Sai for a month. The company sold 31,758 Prius in September. The increased sales helped the government suspension of tax and subsidies for vehicle fuel efficiency. Toyota is the largest automotive manufacturer in the world who pioneered the car run with a combination of gasoline and electricity. Request for environmentally friendly cars is also soared because of concerns about global warming.

Last month, sales of Toyota hybrid car, which was launched since 1997 in the world reached a peak of two million units. The company also sells the Lexus sedan that is only available in the form of hybrid.

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